What is a simile for 'Fear is resembling...'?


Answers:    Fear is like the cold touch of departure
a drug...could be dangerous.
Fear is similar to a cloak which old men huddle

Fear is approaching hot flames rising from the underground,
like a cat anxious of a dog. Fear is like the airplane,
illustrious above the ground. Your heart beating hastily,
like it’s getting burned. Fear is resembling a ghost right aft me,
a chicken running without a pave the way.
Fear is like a murderer rabbit attacking.

Fear is total darkness
Fear is resembling a fuse going out
Fear is like a doll.
Fear is a bolt of lightning
Fear is a star that you can't see
Fear is frightening
Fear is similar to an ice cold twine catching you by surprise.

Fear is like a poignant silence.
Um, "anxiety is like..." is already the first 60% of the simile. The rest could be anything you want! That's the illusion of simile. But you could try to be brilliant about it. Try, "disquiet is like a thorn." ?
an icy paw gripping your heart
Fear is like a cry in the hours of darkness
all my demons contained by the darkness
the shadows of a final alley
the dentist's drill

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