In "Oceans Eleven", what does George Clooney mean when he asks for "a whiskey and a whiskey" and uses gestures

Question:He says this and and shows the wiater a size with his index finger and thumb about 4 inches tall then lowers them to 2 inches tall when he says he wants a "whiskey and a whiskey". What exactly is he asking for and how does he want it served.

Usually someone would ask for a whiskey mixed with something (water, Coke, etc.). When he said he wanted a whiskey and a whiskey, he was basically asking for a whiskey straight up. The different sizing with his hands referred to the different amounts of whiskey he wanted.
A "Rusty Nail" is like that.

Half scotch and half Drambuie (which is a scotch liqueur)

Heavy duty stuff if George goes for 4 inches.

He should have a good nap after that one.

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