What's the meaning of "coming out of the closet"?

Question:someone said that somebody is coming out of the closet ? i do not know what's the meaning? who can tell me?

Usually it means that they are tired of keeping the fact that they are gay to themselves, and they want to tell the world.
It means their secret has come out.! Usually when they tell me, they say they're gay all along or whatever such and such.
That's kind of a gay question.
it means that someone is admitting that they're gay
I usually means that some one that is gay is coming out in the open about it.
Admitting you're gay.
Someone is admitting that they are gay
When a homosexual comes clean about their sexuality.
most of the time it means someone gay is admitting it to the world but it COULD mean any secret 2.
It usually applies to someone admitting they are gay to everyone
it means that that person who came out of the closet is telling people hes gay
someones mooning you
It means they hide a really big secret... and "coming out of the closet" is to reveal it.

99.98% of the time it is in reference to being homosexual
the person coming out of the closet is openly telling people he/she is homosexual [gay/lesbian].
"Coming out of the closet" means telling the public about your sexual orientation or gender identity.
It means that someone is going to come out and say that they are either gay, lesbian, or other very dark secret... this refers to people who hide their secrets... the closet being full of things that people don't know about others...
Most everyone here agrees that "coming out" is the process of telling people your sexual orientation. True! However, the phrase is a bit misleading. One "comes out' several times over. It isn't a one-time activity. A person will be revealing his/her sexuality for the rest of his/her life.
Some gay people do not like the phrase because it has a connotation that sexuality is something that has to be hidden. There is nothing inherently wrong with homosexuality, but some people feel that it is evil or shameful.
It means your BIG BIG secret you have been hiding is not gong to be a BIG BIG secret anymore..or the main meaning to "coming out of the closet" is your coming out on being gay..
The closet is refering to a secret that has been hidden because of fear, shame, embaresment, etc. when some one comes "out" they are confronting/acknowledging to the world that they want the "secret" to be known.

EXAMPLE: revealing to your parents that you are homosexual instead of heterosexual which is the "norm"
It means that someone is finally ready to admit a big secret they've been hiding. Admitting it to the family or to the world or both. Ex: A guy was hiding the fact that he like to dress as a woman, tells everyone. Or, A family member had been hiding that fact that he/she has been drinking or taking drugs for a long time.. or a guy or gal is finally wanting to get it off their chest that he likes to sleep with men/she likes to sleep with women gay or lesbiansm.
It means to make a secret about one's self, like something that has been kept "hidden in a closet", something that is presumed to be shameful, known publically. It's most often used in reference to someone announcing openly that that they are gay, but it can refer to anything that is supposedly taboo. Atheists who have not told their families that they are atheists, smokers who hide their smoking, even a Jewish person who secretly enjoys pork could all be said to be "coming out of the closet" when they announce it openly to others.
that means that someone is telling someone else that they are homosexual or bi sexual or maybe even a lesbian

when ever i have heard it used a person is telling someone they're gay.

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