What does the "201" in the 201 file mean?

The 201 file, also referred to as the OMPF (Official Military Personnel File), is the repository of all personnel records for an individual Service Member. The file can contain all personnel paperwork created about, for or on behalf of an individual. It does not contain all court records. It may contain basic medical records, such as checkup and outpatient treatment. It may or may not contain other specific medical records from specific hospitals or field aid stations. The records may contain glowing reports about a members participation in a battle, or evaluations describing his invaluable service to the unit.
I seem to remember that this was the actual file folder number that the Army used to keep personnel records in. Your 201 file was forwarded from one duty station to another.
i have no idea what does that even mean. sorry
it has to do with the filing / indexing of personality files. The military uses them, the CIA opened one on Lee Harvey Oswald. The "201" was a security classification - one could only access a "201" file if they had security clearance. Check out the link below:
Personal records in the military
I was a civilian in the Federal government for many years. Each such employee has an Official Personnel File, known as a 201 File. All of the employee's important personnel documents are put into the file, with the temporary ones (such as an annual election of health benefits) on the left, and the permanent ones (such as documentation of a pay increase) are put on the right. The documents on the left are discarded after two or so years or else one year after the employee leaves the Federal service. Eventually, 201 Files are stored in a National Records Center.

FYI the "13" in "File 13" comes from a military list of office equipment. The 13th item on the list is "wastebasket."
Its used for filing Personnel Records in Military

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