What does it mean to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth?

Question:Someone used this expression the other day and I dont understand what it meant...

It does not neccesarily mean one is spoiled. It means you are born into a priviledge family/setting. A priviledged person is not always spoiled, neither is a spoiled person always priviledged.
It means you are spoiled.
To be born into wealth.
Your mother doesn't know how to eat properly.
were you born yesterday?
It means that your breath stinks
To be born rich and privileged -- something most of us aren't.
It usually refers to someone born to wealth and privilege. The child of wealthy parents who doesn't have to work for anything, just has everything they desire given to them.
Mommy and Daddy have "real" money.
It means to be spoiled or to have been living a life of luxury since birth

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