Is it goodmorning or good morning?

Question:is it goodmorning or good morning?
i see this around a lot and i'm wondering which is correct?
also for goodnight or good night..and what about good nite?

Always two words. Good morning, good night, good God.
Good morning!
It should be good morning and good night, OK?
good morning
good night
but good nite is an abbreviation for good night
it's good morning.
and it's good night.
nite is just an informal and simpler way to spell night.
It's good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night. It is never "nite" for any reason.
UK English does not normally compound words as in America. In American English, goodnight is the typical (albeit incorrect) thing to say when going to bed. Referring to the weather on a clear night, one would usually say it is a good night. In the UK, good night is used in all cases.
Good morning, good night, and of course Charlie Brown's
"Good Grief "!!
good morning
2 words otherwise it is a run on word and not proper and it should be good night not nite
All of these phrases are two words. Some people just get lazy and make it one or shorten words like night and make it nite. Don't let these shortened phrases fool you, the proper way is two words.
it's good morning and good night. I have a voice activated software which spells all words correctly obviously after I say them. good nite it's more like a slang.
If you're half asleep, it's "goodmorning", if you're fully awake- it's "good morning". Same thing with "good night"... (oh, and "good nite" is a poor speller's excuse for both. :) ).
good morning
i think its good morning
its good morning. it is not a compound word so we cant ajoin them. same goes for good night. and that's not good nite. and its so much better said than written. Agree?
Good morning. Good night, or goodnight, never good nite. Nite isn't a word.

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