Where does the expression "Book 'em Danu" come from?

it was a commonly used phrase on the show " Hawaii 5-0" One of the detectives was named Danno... the head cop would shove the offender toward him and say " book him Danno"
it came from a tv series called Hawaii five 0 , where the lead character would say to his sidekick "book em Danno,murder one"
Hawaii Five O
it was "book'em Dano" and it came from "Hawaii Five-O" a police series from the 70's
I think it was actually "Book 'em Danno". It comes from the old tv cop series Hawaii Five-O, where, at the end of the episode, when the bad guys had been caught, the head cop Steve McGarrett would say to his second in command Dan (forget his last name) "Book 'em Danno" - "book them" (or "book him") meaning process the badguy (fill out the paperwork so he can be arrested, indicted, etc.) and "Danno" being Steve's nickname for Dan.
I can verify all of the above answers.
Its, "book 'em Dano" from Hawaii 5-0
It was actually "Book 'em Dan-o". The side-kick's name was Danny and the head honcho shortened it to Dan-o. I remember well, because my husband acquired the same nickname at the same time. He is called Dan-o to this day.

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