What happens when you go for an interview and they say "we'll call you"?

Question:is it because they dont want you..or they are thinking about it? I have had experience where I go for the interview and they say "you're hired" and others where they say "we'll call" and Im not hired. How does this work??

When applying for a job no matter if it is flippin burgers or an administrative position always conduct it as though you are making a sale. Do not promise what you know you can not deliver such as super increased sales in a month or can lift 50 or more lbs repeatedly or even raise the production in a month. You know your limits but you know you better than he/she does. Also, always bring a resume even if you are just starting in the work force with no job experience. List your accomplishments, your grade pt average, your community involvement (especially if it is a sales position) your future aspirations. Be truthful, alot of small jobs like burger joints know that you will probably leave for a better position with another type of work anyway, but make sure you let them know you want to work and would like to learn as much as you can while you are under their employ. Get some business cards, you can print them really cheaply from your computer and put your name address phone number and e-mail address on it. Don't use cutesy characters, keep is simple like your monogram or stylized letter of your first and last name. Also, purchase some nice informal post cards with a business theme on the front and address them to the person you spoke with at the interveiw. Mail one the same day you went to the interveiw. Even though the interveiw may not have gone well for the position you applied for they are more likely to keep your name on file incase there is another position open or might even reconsider you for a second interveiw just because you took the time to say thank you. You may want to keep a simple message for each one unless you know the person personally. Such as "Dear ___, I wanted to personally thank you for the opportunity to speak with you concerning the position of_______ with your company. I enjoyed my interveiw and look forward to speaking with you in the future.
Make sure you date the note card for the date of the interview. And then leave it at that. If you do not hear from them in 2 weeks call them concerning the position and if they said they decided to hire someone else, thank them for their time and the interveiw experience.
You never know, the person that got the position may not work out in the next month and they may call. It has happened to me before. I even had an employee that did that and because the other applicant did the above criteria I called her and hired her. Best thing I ever did. She was one of the best employees I had hired for that company. When I went back to work after leaving the work force to have my children I did the same thing and within a month I was working again. Several of the human resources managers I applied with actually called to thank me and one even said that it was because of my attention to detail after the interveiw that got me the job and have been with them for the past 3yrs. They even ask me to help with sales contacts and employee relations. It does pay to show a little initiative other than the application. It is not brown nosing like some people think it is more of selling yourself and dressing up the product ;) a little. Hope this will help you on your job search. Good luck!
They won't call you
People are so strange, it could mean anything. Call them up in 48 hours to follow up on the interview or send a thank you email and describe exactly why you are the perfect person for the job.
as per experience a lot of times, after an interview the prospect employer weights heavily upon who they will hire, always thinking the next person may be better qualified for the job, therefore they leave a window open by saying we will call you, if no one else better applies, they can always call you.
"We'll call you," means we'll call.

If they haven't by the date they've given, call them, but not before. They have no reason to not do what they say. Most employers I know prefer to put it in writing [a letter], if you've not gotten the job.
They have other people that they are interviewing and they need time to make a decision.
In most cases they extract "we'll call you" from the showbiz saying "don't call us, we'll call you". I am sorry to say that in most cases when someone says we'll call you, they won't.
However, do not be a pessimist...in some cases it means they have to mull it over. If they sounded unsure,then they are probably thinking it over, but if they sound less than impressed,move on and look somewhere else.

hope this helps
Ive had that line go both ways, i have been called the next day and hired over the phone and then also have never heard from them again. Most times they want to talk it over in private or explore other interviewers first. I would wait a few days then call them back if you dont hear from them, but in my experience if you dont hear within 48 hours you didnt get the job.
It's just a way of saying you are not suited for the job, in other word you are not what they are looking for.
When a possible future employer says "we'll call you" it doesn't really mean that they already have their mind made up. You may be the perfect candidate, they just want a few days to check out your references and look at other prospective job-seekers. (Lets face it, everyone is replaceable) This is the perfect time to really tell your future employer how much you would really like to work for them (just don't go overboard). End with a simple "thank you" for their time in considering you as their new employee!
On this earth, you find beings of all kinds. The word 'we'll call' would mean differently with each different person. And, precisely for that purpose, was that phrase coined. The uncertain, hesitant persons make use of it.
Here where I work it means "we'll be in touch with you." It depends on the company and how they make their decisions. It is possible that the people who interviewed you want to discuss you after you've left to see what each other's opinions are and make a cumulative decision. Some places want to meet you then, if they like you, check your references before making their final decision. Some places will hire you on the spot, but in my experience, that tends to be low end jobs like fast food service, etc. One important thing is that if they say, "We'll call you," wait to hear from them. Do not call to see if they've made their decision yet. If they wanted you to call them, they would have told you so. And, most places that say, "We'll call you" will let you know something one way or another. We absolutely never hire people on the spot; we always check references first (but we don't check references before the interview because why waste time checking references if, when we interview you, we don't like you for the job?). Most places will call you if you've got the job, and you'll likely just receive a letter in the mail if you haven't. Just be patient. If a couple of weeks HAVE passed with no word, assume you didn't get the job and move on with your life.

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