What's the meaning of thae word "Lingua Franca"and plaease translate the answer in tagalog?

"Lingua Franca" means "Frankish tongue" when literally translated.

The concept refers to the use of a common language for communication between persons with different native languages. For example, English is the most widely accepted lingua franca as it is the most internationally known language (note that that does NOT mean it is the most widely spoken.)

Tagalog is itself a lingua franca when used in the Metro Manila region of the Philippines.

Unfortunately my tagalog is not very good, so I would struggle to translate "lingua franca" into tagalog for you. Try one of the tools available at the website listed below.
JAMES B is right, but more details will follow
A lingua franca is any language widely used beyond the population of its native speakers. The de facto status of lingua franca is usually "awarded" by the masses to the language of the most influential nation(s) of the time. Any given language normally becomes a lingua franca primarily by being used for international commerce, but can be accepted in other cultural exchanges, especially diplomacy. Occasionally the term "lingua franca" is applied to a fully established formal language; thus formerly it was said that French was the lingua franca of diplomacy.
( www.wikipedia.org)

Oh, and by the way, the Chinese language ( one of its dialects in fact, cantonese i believe) is the most spoken language
Hi, according to the Philippine National Commission for Culture and the Arts, or NCCA, Lingua Franca in Filipino is "Wikang Panlahat." Please see first link below.

Lingua Franca is a popular medium language between peoples of different tongues (or dialects.) In this sense, English is the Lingua Franca of the world, as it is used as a medium of communication between nations of different languages.

I will let Jobart Bartolome of GMA News.TV give you the definition of Lingua Franca in Filipino. In his words, "Maliban sa pagiging ganap na wika o language ng mga salitang nabanggit, may isa pang dapat banggitin na wika, ang tinatawag na LINGUA FRANCA. Ang simpleng depinisyon siguro nito ay – ito ang wika na ginagamit kapag nag-uusap ang dalawang taong magkaiba ang wika." Please see second link.

After giving it some thought, here is my Tagalog definition:

Ang Lingua Franca ang siyang wikang panlahatan na nagsisilbing tulay upang magkaunawaan ang magkakaibang lahi ng tao na may kani-kaniyang sariling pangunahing wika.

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