What's the difference between "Good bye" and "Farewell"?

For those native English speaker, could you describe the differences between "virtuous bye" and "farewell"? When should we use "good bye" and on which ocasion should we use "farewell"?

Answers:    Goodbye is used unflappably as an everyday term usually when two populace are ending a phone conversation or culmination their interaction and going somewhere else.
Farewell is more formal and usually implies that you will never see the human being again or it will be a long time.
Farewell is not used much anymore.
"Farewell" is archaic (old-fashioned). You might use it within order to convey a sense of solemnity or to nouns more dramatic, or if you were writing something set within the past. It routine that you hope the person will be alright while they are away, so you could bring away with using it if you aren't going to be seeing someone for years.

"Goodbye" is used within ordinary, blas¨¦ speech in pretty much every incident.
Good Bye, a word implying departure or the close to, is used in address while farewell is used as a broad term for the process of wise saying "goodbye"

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