Is suicided a word?

Question:Is suicided a word? And if so, how would you sue it in a sentence. I saw it online and called the person out on it, but now it seems they say it really is a word. It seems to be past tense, like "Johnny suicided." But that doesnt make sense. IS it just our current english mindset?

My first instinct was "absolutely not", but says it's so. I'll be darned. I still wouldn't use it; it looks ridiculous.
it is not proper english.
not that i know of
NOT a word.
No, that is grammatically incorrect.
No, it's not a word. If you're gonna put suicide in the past tense you would just have to say Johnny killed himself, or Johnny committed suicide. Suicided is not a word.
You should say, Johnny committed suicide. says it is. In a sentence? I'm not really sure.
It is not proper English.

You commit suicide. Suicide is a noun, not a verb.
Killed by someone of a higher power, therefore investigations conclude it was suicide.
(its not an english word but found it in the urban dictionary)
Suicided is an inflected form of suicide.
No it's not but you can go to if you have any other words you would like to know about! :)
it's more of a slang than an actual english word. i mean, you definitely wouldn't find it in a dictionary. most people say "Johnny commited suicide."
No, "suicidal" is a word, as it goes in the INXS song, "suicidal blonde".

When you want to form a sentence with the meaning you want, you will have to say Johnny committed a suicide.

Hope all is well with Johnny.

Wish you the best.
no its committed suicide or suicidal
Apparently, it is one of the appropriate uses of the word. I would have said that suicide is a noun, but apparently it does have a verb usage.
In my opinion, It's better to say Johnny committed suicide. BUT, says:

noun, verb, -suicid·ED, -suicid·ING.
-noun :the intentional taking of one's own life.

–verb (used without object): to commit suicide.
–verb (used with object) : to kill (oneself).

I hope you are just curious and not having to write about a real person named Johnny, who "suicided."
Never heard of it.
suicidee is not a verb. If you want to say someone killed themselves you say "committed suicide". Committed is the verb. A person cant have committed suicid until they are dead. If they attempt it but fail then they "attempted it". For future tense you say "will commit or will attempt". Suicide is a state of being like "alive or dead " you don't say someone was alived or deaded. killed and murdered are passed tense. Were killed and were murdered referes to the act of killing not the state.
My husband works at an international school, and all the kids say suicided. He's an English teacher, and he corrected them for using a non-word. Then he looked it up. Turns out he was wrong -- technically suicided is correct -- but it still sounds wrong to say it that way. Maybe that guy grew up around here...
Apparently you can use it that way, but it isn't commonly used that way. More common usage is: Johnny committed suicide.

Suicide is a noun, meaning the act of killing oneself.

It is not a verb, so you can't have the past tense of it.
How did Johnny suicide? Drowneded? I'm inclined to take all these people above me at their words despite the horrid way that word sounds...I've personally never even heard it, but they're usually right. I'm not bothering to look it up.
No, it's not a word. "Suicide" is a noun, so you cannot add -ed to it. You can say "Johnny committed suicide."

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