Is it correct to write fourthly to start a 4th point or paragraph or referring to any piece of information at 4th place?

Answers:    Highly unusual.
These transitions of sequence are best used in Process essays.

There are lots of alternatives for using transitions to connect paragraphs. Eg:

To instigate with

One of the most important cause/ effect...

Following the point mentioned above

Another major point



Last but not the least etc. etc.
The suffix -ly indicates that the word is an adverb, which refines the objective of a verb. Since there is no verb that can be associated with numbers within this sort of context, "firstly", "secondly" and so on cannot exist in good English.

What's wrong near First, Second, Third, Fourth etc?
It is, but its bad writing to use the same adverb over and over again, so try and mix it up.
No, I would write `the next` `following that` or `the third (or fouth etc).

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