Geese is the plural form of goose, what is the plural form of moose??

Answers:    Moose.

Nouns with identical singular and plural
Some nouns spell their singular and plural exactly alike; some linguists good opinion these as regular plurals. Many of these are the names of animals:

Moose is both singular and plural, like (hanging) chad. If geese is the plural of goose, is mongeese the plural of mongoose? There is an prehistoric joke about a guy who is order a pair of those creatures:

Dear Sir,
Please send me two mongoose (crossed out) mongeese (crossed out) mongooses (crossed out) All crossed out

Dear Sir,
Please distribute me a mongoose, and while you're at it, send another!
The word "moose" came to us from Algonquian Indians. Consequently its plural, instead of individual "mooses" or "meese", is the same as the singular. That is true of most Indian names whether of a tribe, such as the Winnebago and Potawatomi, or of an point such as papoose. It is also true of many wildlife names not of Indian rudiment -- for example: deer, mink and grouse.
I believe the plural is the same as the singular, moose. It's the same principle as deer -- you don't influence deers. And no, there is no such word as "meese" to indicate more than one moose.
really its moose but i think it should be meese. it of late sounds cooler.

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