.hang around a minute.what's the difference between "wander" and "wonder"?

I'm so corn-fused.

Answers:    If you wander in a place, you totter around there in a indifferent way.
If a person or animal wander from a place where they are supposed to stay,they move away from the place without going within a particular direction.
If your mind wanders or your thoughts travel, you stop concentrating on something and start thinking of other things.
If your eyes wander, you stop looking at one thing and start looking around at other things.

If you wonder going on for something, you think about it , any because it interests you and you want to know more about it or because you are worried or suspicious about it.
If you wonder at something, you are surprised and amazed going on for it.
Wonder is a feeling of surprise, pleasure or amusement that you have, for example hood you see something that is very elegant, or when something happens that you thought was impossible.
The wonder of something is a standard in it that causes relatives to feel astonishment or great admiration.
I hope I own allayed your confusions.
yea me too lol ,bc when you wonder about something u wander ,hike around to find something new help you beside the thing ur wondering about .resembling when u come up with a question u stir on a quest/wander around to answer it.
Considering the words as verbs, to me, wander implies physical movement and metaphorically, mental hobby. Wonder means the mental activity of trying to find out something.
amble is like "i wander around the house looking for my hamster" its the perform of walking around

wonder is like "I wonder if he likes me" its the achievement of pondering
wander is to walk beside no destination,wonder is to imagine what things are like not have done them yourself.ps confused,not comfused.
"wander" into the wilderness to explore..
"wonder" what you might discover in the desert.
wander would be like walking around near no place in particular to travel. you're wandering around.

wonder is like thinking ..hmm i wonder what this peanut butter, mustard and pickle sandwich will taste similar to
Wander is to walk in no paticular direction
Wonder is to contemplate something
stroll is like moving around from place to place and wonder is to think just about something
wander is going places, wonder is to wait for something to hapen or conjure something
if your being serious.
wander-you wander around.
Wonder-you wonder in the order of something.
wander is to walk
wonder is to guess
one is physical...the other cerebral..either bearing you end up somewhere else.

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