What does determined mean?

Answers:    1. It could mean any of a number of things - it could refer to one's will and drive, as other posters have mentioned, or it could mean "found," "deduced," "declared," "set aside," etc.

2. PLEASE - when you ask "what does this mean," PLEASE will you give context? "What does this mean in this sentence" would be so much easier to answer than "What does this word, which can have two or five or thirty different meanings, mean?"

3. There are hundreds of search engines on the internet - go to any one of them and type in "determined" - you can even leave off the "what does" and "mean?" although if you want to narrow things down you can add "definition" - and you'll get zillions of answers.
Definition: 1. firm of purpose; 2. strongly motivated to succeed; 3. found and ascertained through investigation; 3. agreed upon

Synonyms: resolute, unwavering, firm, decisive, steady, settled, decided, established

Antonyms: undetermined, wavering, hesitant, undecided, unknown

Tips: If someone is determined to do something, that person is strong and steady in his or her resolve to get it done. Determined can also be used to say that something has been found out, decided, or agreed upon. It is also the past-tense form of the verb to determine.

Usage Examples:

Joanna was determined to finish the project before July so she could relax for the rest of the summer. (resolute, decided)

It was determined that we would meet at Prego for dinner at seven o'clock. (decided, settled) verb

Based on past experience, we determined that the project would take four months to complete. (established, figured out) verb

Mary was determined to get into a good college, so she studied extra hard for the SAT exam. (firm, decisive)


1. Characterized by great determination; "a struggle against a determined enemy".

2. Having been learned or found or determined especially by investigation.

3. Devoting full strength and concentrated attention to; "made continued and determined efforts to find and destroy enemy headquarters".

4. Determined or decided upon as by an authority; "date and place are already determined"; "the dictated terms of surrender"; "the time set for the launching".

5. Strongly motivated to succeed.

Synonyms: compulsive (adj), dictated (adj), driven (adj), set (adj).

Antonym: undetermined (adj).

Expressions using "determined": be determined ♦ be determined to do ♦ grimly determined ♦ network determined not reachable ♦ network determined user busy.

Hyphenated Usage

Beginning with "determined": determined-impossible, determined-looking.

Ending with "determined": centrally-determined, externally-determined, genetically-determined, market-determined, pre-determined, self-determined, under-determined.


1. to have a strong wish to do something and to not allow anything to stop you from doing it.

"She's bound and determined to make her career in medical research." (often + to do something)

2. completely serious.

"The women of the town were bound and determined to have a school built."
Roger Bannister was determined to be the first person to run a mile in less than four minutes, and he was.
The archeologist determined that the ruins were of Aztec origin.
when you're determined, it means you're on a mission.

John is determined to get good grades this term.
Bill is determined to get rid of the bugs in his house.
Determined means to have a strong will to do something.

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