What does "fortei" niggardly?

I am sure if I spelled it correctly.
It is used in business language.
My broker used this word...I be embarassed to ask what it meant.

Thank YOU!!

Answers:    What the first person said. It's helpful of like your area of expertise. if you be to say that "________ is my fortei" that would mean that You excel within _______
so what is your forte (lol I don't know how to spell it either) it basically means whats your pleasure, what do you close to, what are you into, what do you desire most. whats your fortei ( I spelled it like you did so we can both be wrong together :)
"Forte" is a word commonly used in sheet music (forte- f, fortissimo-ff) to indicate when the player should play loudly, usually during a strong section of the music.

It came to mean a person's strong point or specialty.
in attendance are a lot of different definitions to this word.(which by the style is spelled forte) like it is used in music description loud, and if it is someone's forte, that means they like. example: bowling is not my forte. that mechanism I do not like bowling.
It is spelled "forte" and pronounced "fort" or more commonly "fore-tay". It is a French word.

It means your strong suit or nouns of speciality, the thing you are especially good at.
Fortei way your calling.
Whether your calling is writing, typing, making cars. What you specialise in :)

I hope this helps :)
Something that comes essentially, Like being a quarterback, or singer, or actor.
It's spelt "forte".

It refers to ones strong points. The correct spelling is forte.
like nouns of specialty
yeah like what you choose to do and what you are good at
what you're moral or best at
What your good at.

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